Why are Kodiak tents making headlines in the Kodiak wilderness?

It’s been almost two years since Kodiak National Park closed its gates and the park closed its doors for good, but the Kodiaks are still getting plenty of media attention for their latest antics.

And one of those antics is an unusual, and quite literally scary, tent that’s just about ready to break through the gates.

This video from YouTube user thetvman shows a small grow tent in the park, and it’s an unusual tent.

The tent is made out of a simple wooden structure, but it looks like it would make a great home for small animals.

It’s not just the animals that are fascinated by this tent.

It’s also the Kodiakes, who are known for being very active in the wild.

It took two years to make this tent, and after it was done, it was broken into pieces and then sent to a landfill.

The Kodiaks also have a very active dog park in the area.

It looks like a great opportunity to keep the dog friendly, but we can’t wait to see what they make of it![h/t Thetvman]