Big Agnes tents: The ultimate outdoor tent

Outdoor tent makers are making the most of the climate change trend with their new models that come with outdoor comfort.

Read moreThe latest to hit the market is the Big Agns Big Agnies Tent Outdoor, which comes with a removable floor that allows it to be hung off the ground.

The tent can be used as a shelter or as a bedroom or as both.

It also comes with an adjustable loft and a bed that can be pulled down.

The Big Agnis tent is made of two separate modules, which each have a sleeping loft and are secured by two poles.

The interior of the tent is lined with a synthetic material, making it feel like it has been used for years.

The tent weighs 1.2kg (3lb) and is 8.5 inches (20cm) long, but the two modules are joined together and it measures just 11.5in (29cm) wide.

The main draw for the tent was the ability to create a loft, but it also comes complete with a sleeping pad and an adjustable mattress.

It is available in four different colours: white, black, grey and red.

Big Agnes is one of the biggest outdoor tent makers and the Big AGnies tent is one the most popular ones out there.

The company is based in England and has more than 40 brands in the world.

The Big Agniches Tent Outdoor has been made for several years and has already been shown off in competitions around the world, such as the Outdoor Expo in New York City.

Big agnies tents have a lot of things in common with those found in outdoor living rooms.

They can be easily set up and set up quickly.

They also come with an outdoor comfort blanket that can cover the space needed.

The sleeping loft is adjustable so you can choose to set it at the bottom of the loft or on top of it.

The sleeping pad can be set up either flat or in a horizontal position.

The bed is adjustable to give you the comfort you need and is also removable.

It can be positioned on the floor or on the ceiling.

You can find the BigAgnes tent on for $699 (£549).