Next Big Futures’ tent footprint is huge, with tent footprint in the single digits

This tent footprint, which is bigger than that of the world’s tallest building, has been measured at around 11.5 metres.

This figure is made up of the footprint of the top half of the tent, which has a circumference of 11 metres, as well as the footprint for the base.

The rest of the surface is made of the two halves of the same tent, and the tent itself is made from two 1.5m high pieces of polyethylene, which are made up from a single layer of fibreglass.

It has an overall length of 7.7 metres, and a width of 5.5.

The dimensions are so big that they make it the third tallest building in the world, behind the Burj Khalifa in Dubai and the Shard in London.

The scale of the project has also been compared to the structure of the Burqa.

The tent was originally designed to hold 50 people, but now it is expected to hold up to 100 people, including the children of the local mayor.

“We were able to take the same amount of time and materials from the Burqas and the Pyramids, but we were able with our technology to get to the point where we can actually build something that looks like a tent,” said Peter Pimlott, the project’s director.

The tent is one of the first examples of a tent that can be made entirely out of plastic.

The project uses a combination of recycled polyethyline and other recyclable materials.

It also uses a process called extrusion, which involves heating plastic to make it flexible, and then heating it in a furnace to create the flexible material that can then be glued onto the base of the structure.

The tents are being used by more than 200 local residents in the town of Vartan, in the north-west of Scotland.

“It’s really nice that people can get a chance to see this as an option for them and get their own experience,” said the mayor, Alastair MacIntyre.

“The local council are really excited to have the opportunity to do this and see it through.”

Vartan is the first village to go out and have a tent and we hope we can do the same here.

“There’s been a lot of interest and a lot interest in what we are doing, and we are seeing a lot more people come out and be able to see the first phase of this.”

I’ve never been able to have a look inside one of these things before, and I’m very pleased to be able now to do that,” he said.