Top tips for making the most of your tent in a scorching South Australia summer

In South Australia, the scorching heat of the summer is still the biggest problem for the country’s tourism industry.

But for some visitors, tent camping is the best way to experience the state’s beauty.

And some of the best campsites are in places that are still under construction.

“If you are going to go and camp, and you want to be in a tent, it’s a fantastic way to be,” said Sarah, from Sydney.

“The conditions are perfect for tents.

If you have a big tent, then it’s probably going to be much cooler and the conditions are ideal.

You can do it anywhere, so the biggest issue is getting the tents out.”

Sarah said she was in no hurry to buy a tent for her tent camping trip.

The best campsite in South Australia The first tent tent that Sarah bought was a tent from the Hutton family of Melbourne.

Sarah and her husband Andrew have been camping for several years now, and have two children.

They’ve been staying in a small caravan park at Wollongong, near Wollongs Creek.

When they first started their tent camping adventure, Sarah said they thought it would be the best camping trip ever.

But it wasn’t until they were getting ready to move into their new home, they started thinking about how they could maximise the camp site.

It was a hard decision, she said.

“We had no idea where to go to get our tents.”

They also had no clue how to get into the park, so Sarah and Andrew decided to rent a tent on the road.

She and Andrew bought the tent on an internet classifieds site, and then rented a caravan park tent, from which they camped for a few days.

By the end of that week, they were having a blast.

Read more: The best camping tips in South Australian summer “It’s just so cool,” she said of the tent camping experience.

I feel like I’m on a rollercoaster, but it’s really enjoyable.

And there’s a lot of sunshine, it has a good breeze.

Even the rain isn’t an issue.

Sarah and her family have been enjoying their time in the tent, with plenty of rain showers.

For Sarah and Sarah, the tent was the perfect camping experience for their family.

In the end, they decided to buy the second tent they could find in the caravan park.

Once they got it, they loved the tent.

How to get a tent ready for tent camping in South Africa “When you have the tents, they’re pretty cheap,” Sarah said.

Their tent is a small two-person tent, and they’ve already got a few more tents in the house, which Sarah said is good.

However, Sarah and Elizabeth have been getting requests from people to have more tents.

They are happy to provide more.

We have so many tents now.

Elizabeth and Sarah said their tent has become their standard tent camping spot.

Despite having more tents than they could fit into their home, Sarah says they still enjoy the experience of camping in their tent.

“When we get a bit of rain, we’ve got to just let it fall,” she told the ABC.

“You can just enjoy the rain.

What we love is that we’re surrounded by nature and you don’t have to worry about anything.

There’s no danger.”

Sarah and Elizabeth are very happy with the tent they have.

Her tent is an amazing tent.

It’s a little smaller than we expected.

At first, she was very nervous about it.

But she’s been really enjoying it.

She said it’s so comfortable.

“It feels great.

We’re just really happy with it,” she explained.

As for getting a tent into the campground, they are confident it will work.

“We’re pretty confident it’s going to work,” Sarah told the station.

Some of the most popular tent camping spots in South Aus.

While Sarah and Alexander are enjoying the tent with their family, Sarah is more concerned about the heat.

“[The tent] does get a little hotter, and it’s definitely not the best for tents,” she added.

“If I were to camp in a large tent, the sun is going to get to me pretty quickly.”

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