4Runner Roof Tent Reviews 4Runner’s 4Runner R-Series Roof Tent, 4 Seasons Tent, and 4Runner 4Runner 5-Series Tent

4Runner, the maker of the 4Runner and the 4Cuda, has announced that it will soon begin rolling out the next generation of its roof tent with a new line of 4Runner-branded 4Runner roof tents, tent beds, and bedside tables.

The 4Runner4Runner 5Season Tent and 4 Runner 4RunnerR-Series 5-Season Tent are the newest versions of the popular 4Runner modular roof tent and 5-season tents, respectively, which have become increasingly popular since the release of the 5-series in 2012.

The 4Runner/4Cuda 4Runner5Season Tent was released in October 2012, the 4 Runner/4 Cuda4Runner5 Season Tent in April 2013, and the 5RunnerR4RunnerR5 Season tent in June 2013.

The new 4Runner models are also available in a new 4-season version with the 4R3, 4R4, 4L3, and a few other new models.

A 4Runner version of the R-series roof tent was announced in May 2015, but this version is currently limited to a limited number of markets.

The company said that it is looking for additional markets to add the 4runner-branded products to in order to make them more competitive.

The new 4R1 and 4R2 versions of 4R tent beds are the latest additions to the R series of modular roof tents.

The 4R series is also expected to debut with 4R8 and 4S3, but the 4-series models are currently only available in North America.