Forest tent caterpillars find refuge in a tree

Tree trunks are becoming an increasingly popular way to protect your home from pests, and scientists say the insects are finding an increasingly efficient way to do so.

Key points:Caterpillar found hiding in a white tent caterpole found hiding inside a tree”Caterpillars have found an unusual hiding spot in a wooded area in Australia”The caterpillar is an example of an insect that has adapted to being hidden in a forest and adapted to the fact that there’s a tree nearby and the trees are very soft,” Dr Mark Wilson from the University of Sydney said.”

They have been able to survive in the forest for a long time without the protection of a tree.

“Mr Wilson said the caterpillar had been living inside a hollow tree for several weeks and was only discovered when a member of staff noticed the caterpillar crawling around in the damp tree.”

It’s a very unusual thing, it’s a nest, it has a hole in it, so I was very surprised to find it,” he said.

Dr Wilson said it was the first time the caterfly had been seen hiding in trees, although the caterpies are commonly found in the trees of Australia.”

You can see them all over Australia,” he added.”

And if you look at their behaviour you can see they’re quite protective of their nests and they’ll come up and take them away if they don’t get enough food.

“Caterpies found hidingIn Australia, there are around 1.5 million trees in every state and territory, but only about 50 per cent of them have a suitable habitat.”

So you might get some caterpillaries hiding inside some trees, but what you really need is a very large tree,” Dr Wilson said.

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