Trailer for tent that will keep family campers entertained at campground

Trailer for a tent that can house up to five people at a time, with a capacity of 12 people, has been developed by an Ontario company that says it can provide “an alternative to tent camping” at campsites.

The trailer will sit on a roof deck and have a roof tent on the inside.

It can also be pitched up on a small base and will have a built-in fan, and the manufacturer says it will keep its temperature at less than 0 degrees Celsius (32 Fahrenheit).

It will cost $1,900 (US$1,850) for the four-person tent, $1.10 per person for two people and $1 per person per vehicle.

The company says the tent will have an electrical system for the tent and a heating system for sleeping bags.

The trailer will have “an air conditioning system and an internal cooling system.”

The trailer was developed by Humberton and Partners, a manufacturer of camp-specific tent products, and it will be built in the U.K. and imported to Canada.

It is being developed by The Trailer Project, an Ontario-based company that has built trailers for trailers for other companies.

The company, which is based in Bexley, Ont., says it is trying to develop products that are “fresher and more durable” and that “can be assembled in a short period of time.”

The trailer is being marketed by The Humbertons and The Trailer Company, two companies that manufacture trailers.

The companies are not connected.

The Humbertons and the Trailer Company did not immediately respond to requests for comment.