How to sell your tent for less than £150

The world’s largest tent manufacturer has launched a contest to get its tent on sale for less that £150.

The tent, called ‘Tent Nation’, is the brainchild of John Firth, the founder of tent manufacturer The Firth Group.

It is designed to compete with the likes of Kite and the Noma tent which have all seen sales of up to £200,000.

It features the Firth brand name in the design and is designed by a company called ‘The Tent Nation’.

It comes in five different designs, ranging from the small tent you can buy at your local store for £130 to the larger tent you could rent at your mum’s house for £1,200.

Mr Firth said: ‘I’ve never really seen the cost of a tent fall.

If you can make a tent that costs £150,000, that’s great.

If it’s £150 you can probably get a tent at the supermarket for £80,000.’

The company has created a series of competitions in an effort to encourage people to enter.

It also has a Facebook page to showcase the competition.

Here’s how to enter the tent sale:It’s a three-week sale with three entries.

Entrants can register for the tent contest here .

It closes on December 10, so enter early.

This is how the tent can be yours for less: