Tent and table at outdoor party tent WalMart

Wal-Mart is currently rolling out tent and table installations in their stores in several states including California.

According to a report from Business Insider, tent and Table are being installed in more than 20 Walmart stores across the country including the latest in California.

The company has also installed tent and tables in select locations across the US.

“Walmart is one of the largest retailers in the US and it’s clear that they are committed to supporting outdoor events and festivals, including outdoor parties, by offering new, affordable tents and tables that are easy to set up and maintain,” Wal-mart spokeswoman Lauren Eubank told Business Insider.

A variety of outdoor entertainment and social activities are currently available at Wal-marts outdoor tent and seating areas. 

For a full list of locations, visit https://www.walmart.com/store/pantone/home/homepage/en/storeinfo.aspx?storeId=8&sort=home&storeIdName=homepage