Why camper trailers are not just for the outdoors, but for people with a disability

The world’s first camper-tent trailer has been unveiled by the National Land Transport Authority (NLTA) in Brisbane.

The trailer was designed by a Brisbane-based company, Cramper, which will build the first of its kind, which is capable of accommodating a wheelchair and includes a wheelchair-accessible bathroom and shower, according to the Sydney Morning Herald.

The first campods, called Crampods 2, will be available for lease on the National Rail System and are expected to be operational in mid-2019, according the newspaper.

The NT has seen a steep rise in disability-related homelessness and its toll on the community, with more than 700 people sleeping rough and on the streets.

The country’s largest disability charity, the Disability Rights Coalition, has also welcomed the news of the camper camper and the National Disability Network (NDN) has called on the Government to fund a pilot project to see if it can assist with housing people with disabilities.

“The NT’s commitment to the disabled is clear and it is clear that there is a real need to support them,” NT Disability Minister Peter Scott said in a statement.

“While there is still a long way to go, the NT’s government is committed to making sure that this is a successful program.”

The NT Government has previously committed to providing $10,000 to support homeless people on a full-time basis, but NT Disability said the money will not be spent until after the pilot program is fully rolled out.

“We want to give people the space to get into a home, be able to get to work and support themselves, which they can’t do now,” NT disability spokesman Adam Mitchell said.

“And we want them to be able get off the streets and into a place that will support them in their recovery and help them achieve their goals.”

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