How the TSA can make travelers feel safer, more secure in their travel

TSA officials say they can increase security in travelers’ personal belongings while making it more difficult for travelers to hide or destroy their possessions.

“Travelers will no longer be able to hide items or tamper with the TSA’s systems,” said TSA Administrator Joseph Clancy.

More than a dozen airports across the country have already implemented the changes.

The TSA has expanded its security perimeter to the point that it now extends up to 10 feet from the gate and up to 40 feet from a passenger, according to the agency.

Travelers are also encouraged to carry a GPS device in their bags.

As part of the new policies, travelers will no long be allowed to use a portable restroom on a plane, said the TSA.

The agency says travelers will also no longer have the option to hide belongings from security agents.

“These actions will help make travel safer for everyone,” Clancy said in a statement.

Travelers can now request a full refund for their checked luggage, the TSA said.

They will also be able apply for a refund online at

In response to the changes, a bipartisan group of lawmakers introduced a bill this week that would require travelers to carry an ID card when boarding planes.

The bill would also allow the TSA to make additional modifications to TSA security rules.

“We will not be allowing passengers to hide their ID card from TSA security,” Rep. Jim Cooper, D-Tenn., said in an interview with CNN.

TSA Commissioner Peter Neffenger has said the agency will not alter security rules for passengers.

The TSA said the changes will be rolled out over the next few months.

The TSA’s rules and procedures will remain the same as they were when the rule was first implemented in 2008.