How to get the coolest tent on the market

A little known, but potentially lucrative and useful technology has come to market for the tent industry, a technology that’s designed to make tents feel even cooler.

While tents are generally known for their ability to keep a cool temperature, tents also tend to have some of the most vents in the industry.

But tent vents are often noisy and often get in the way of ventilation.

Zpacks has designed a device called the Indoor Tent, which can be mounted anywhere on a tent and provide an additional ventilation option.

This is an important feature for those of us who don’t like having to stand or crouch while trying to set up camp, and the Indo Tent will help keep it that way.

A few things to note before you buy the IndooTent: The Indoor tent will not be compatible with existing tents that already have an air conditioning option.

It will not work with any existing tents with vent holes that are not located directly below the tent floor.

The Indo tent is only available through Zpacks and Indoor tents are not available through other retailers, so it may be a bit pricey.

The only other Indo tents are Zpacks tent and Zpacks tents ultralight.