What you need to know about the ‘Lad Bible’ tent

The “Lad” Bible, an 18-foot tall tent that was installed by the local Baptist church in 2014, has become an iconic symbol of the town of Lakeland.

The tent is a reminder of the place that gave birth to the community.

A local legend has it that Lakeland was once the site of the original city of St. John the Baptist.

The story goes that the ancient Roman name for Lakeland is St. Agnes.

According to the legend, the people of Lakeman were so fascinated with the lake they created a wooden tower on top of the lake.

This is how they could see the lake from their windows.

The tower was then used to keep the people in their homes safe from the elements.

The legend is based on the fact that the tower has a ladder on its roof.

This story may not be as true as it sounds.

According a report from the Orlando Sentinel, the tower was made out of the same material as the base of the tower of Sts.

John and Agnes Cathedral in Toronto.

This was the only tower built by the Lakeland Baptist Church in its early years, but it was abandoned when the church moved from its original location in 2004.

The lake was covered in trees when the lake was filled in and then filled again with water, but the trees grew back and the tower became more stable.

The Lakeland Tower of St John the Apostle is the oldest tower in Lakeland and the only one still standing.

There is no historical record of the St.

John’s tower, but some believe it was built during the reign of John the Evangelist.

The church is also credited with the construction of the new community center on the site, which was built in 2003.