What happens if kids are stuck at the park?

Kids in tents play a lot at the Disney theme parks, but they are not allowed to go inside the park unless accompanied by an adult.

Now, some parents are finding that their kids have to make the dangerous trek through the park to get to their parks.

A few weeks ago, a couple from Tennessee went to Walt Disney World for a family reunion and found that their children were not allowed inside the theme parks.

The couple contacted Disney to complain about their children being denied access to the parks and the park’s policy regarding tent campers.

Disney told ABC News that the policy is based on “safety concerns” and that it has been updated to clarify the issue.

“This is a new issue for us, and we want to be sure that all guests and guests at Walt Disney Parks understand what the policy for tent camping is,” said a Disney spokesperson.

“This issue has been addressed in the past and will continue to be addressed in future updates.”

Disney has not confirmed that there is a blanket ban on tent camp use at the parks.

Some parks have adopted the policy of limiting tent use to a limited number of guests per night, so that the risk of a fire or explosion is minimized.

The Disney spokesperson did not address any specific questions about whether this policy was being enforced on children.

Last year, another parent filed a lawsuit against the park, alleging that the park was not enforcing its policy of limited tent camp access.