Walmart has $2.4 billion offer for Eureka tent tents

Walmart is asking a California company to pay more than $2 billion to buy Eurekas tents, tent accessories and other tents.

Walmart’s announcement Tuesday, according to the company, comes in response to an earlier offer from the company that was made to Eurekas company, a company that specializes in tent accessories.

The offer from WalMart, according the company’s announcement, “provides EureKas with the opportunity to secure a more definitive, multi-year contract for the purchase and delivery of EureKA tent accessories.”

Walmart also said it would pay the company a $1.8 billion fee to acquire EureKa tents.

It said the company will be paid about $1 billion to complete the deal.

WalMart is a major seller of tent accessories, including tents, which it has been trying to get back in stock.

The company has also been trying unsuccessfully to get tent manufacturers to stop selling tent products to WalMart.

Walmarts tent company is Eurekos Tent Company, which has a portfolio of tent brands including the Eurekoa brand and the EUREKAS tent line.

Walmarts Tent Company sells tent products under the brand name Eureki, the company said.

The company also is a sponsor of the Walmars Camp and Adventure Center in Lake Tahoe.

Walmer’s deal is the latest in a string of offers made to tent makers to get them to buy their products.

The offer from Amazon Prime Video comes amid concerns about the video-streaming service’s ability to stream and distribute video content from Amazon, including for consumers.