Which tent campsites to visit in Auckland?

Tent campsites are becoming more popular as the winter weather gets underway in New Zealand, with more and more people opting to live in tents in Auckland, according to new data.

The Auckland Housing Association (AHA) says more than half the tent campsite sites in the city are booked up this winter.

The data, compiled by the Auckland Tourism Council, found more than 60 per cent of the city’s tent camp sites are booked for this winter and are up for grabs this winter, according the Auckland Daily Times.

Some of the biggest sites are on the waterfront, such as the Port of Auckland and the Queen Elizabeth Bridge.

Tents are also a popular choice for those looking for accommodation on the outskirts of the CBD.AHA Auckland chief executive Peter Rundle says tent camps are a great option for families.

“I think tent camping is the perfect accommodation for families,” he said.

“It’s a lot more cost-effective and there are very few restrictions, so it’s a really good option for people looking for the cheapest place to live.”

Rundle said there is plenty of space to fit a family, with accommodation for up to 10 people.

“If you’re renting, you probably want to find a place with space to put the children, or you can look at smaller, more intimate accommodation,” he explained.

“You can put people in different rooms and we have plenty of that, so you don’t need to worry about space, which is really good.”

Rumbles said if you are looking for something smaller, you can use the tent beds.

“The biggest advantage of a tent camp is the bed.

There are a lot of different kinds of beds, and they can be shared.

You can also use a single bed and have them all together,” he added.”

There are a number of different things that you can do, and it’s not hard to find the best one for you.”

Reedle said there are also lots of places for children to stay, and the availability of social care and other facilities is a great asset.

“As long as you have access to social care, you’re able to stay in a tent and do things with your friends and families,” she said.

Rundle says a number tent campsit sites are also in the CBD, such the Riverfront Towers.

“They have a number more campsites in the inner-city area,” he noted.

“These are very good places to stay and have some of the best accommodation for people.”

Rudy Jones, from Auckland’s Downtown Auckland, said he is looking forward to a warmer winter.

“We are looking forward for a warmer season and I hope that the Auckland Housing Agency and Auckland City Council do a lot to improve the quality of life in the capital city,” he told News24.

“When you’re in the middle of the cold and damp, you are not going to feel comfortable.”

Jones said he was glad to be able to take part in the AHA survey and was looking forward this winter to enjoying his tent camp experience.

“This is a good opportunity for the city to really get out and explore Auckland and see what it’s like,” he continued.

“Hopefully the tent campers can take the lead and make Auckland a more enjoyable place to spend the winter.”