Why should you stay at this tent in Spain?

Tents have become a new style of accommodation in the southern Spanish town of La Rioja, where a small town with a population of fewer than 5,000 people has been attracting a growing number of tourists.

The town, a popular spot for picnics and holidaymakers, is one of the few in Spain that offers a tent for the night, and its popularity has attracted many tourists, who have been using the tent as a way to sleep on a comfortable couch, or to stretch their legs outdoors.

The tent is located in the middle of a field, and can hold up to eight people.

The number of people sleeping inside it is not known, but the tent has a capacity of around five people.

It is situated at the end of a row of houses, and is only accessible by foot.

“It is very simple to get there.

You just have to walk down the street and there is a small bus station,” said Carlos Barajas, a local who is renting out the tent for tourists.”

The tent has an old wooden roof, but it is well insulated.

There is a balcony on the ground floor,” he said.”

There are plenty of trees and there are benches around.

It has a roof and everything.”

But locals complain about the quality of the tent, with a lack of space for people to stand up or stretch their limbs outdoors.

“In this town, we can’t afford the high prices for cheap tents,” said Ana, who asked to remain anonymous.

“You don’t have a balcony because the tents are so big.

It’s so cramped.

There are no spaces for people.”

Local residents are not the only ones who have complained about the tent.

A group of locals have also created a Facebook group called “Santiago” to complain about some of the issues they face.

“Some of us have been camping in this tent for almost two years,” said one of those who created the group, which has more than 2,600 members.

“It is completely overpriced, it is overcrowded, and it is a nightmare for us.”

We have been forced to sleep outside in the rain and on the beach, we have been robbed and we don’t sleep there anymore,” the group said.

Some locals have even started collecting signatures to force the town to take the tent down.”If we don�t do something, then the residents of Santiago will take the problem to the council,” said a local.