How to sleep in a bed tent

A toddler in a tent can get a bit lost in the maze of a bed, but she can’t get a cold without a blanket or a blanket blanket.

That’s why a new campground is being built near Fort Collins and Littleton that will offer kids a tent.

The campground will be called The Kid’s Bed Tent, and it’s about 10 acres.

It’s located on a grassy field at Fort Collins.

The tent will be designed by the Colorado River Valley, and the goal is to make it safe for kids and families to camp and play, said Mark Mathers, the director of the Colorado Valley Campground Association.

“It’s very much a kid’s campground.

It has a really simple layout, very simple layout,” he said.”

And there’s going to be a lot of outdoor activities.

There’s going a lot going on.

You can play in the field, or you can play on the sand.”

Mathers said there will be a pool, fire pit, and a basketball court.

There will also be playgrounds and a playground that kids can use as a picnic area, he said, and there will also probably be a horse and buggy ride, but there will not be a track.

The area is also going to have a bike and horseback riding area.

Matherss said the idea is to have kids in the tent, and then they’ll be out and about for a day, getting away from the crowds and people.

“They’re going to get to meet some other kids, and they’re going get to play and they can get to know each other, and I think that’s really good,” he added.

The camping will be held in the campground’s main tent, which will be covered with a plastic sheet and covered with an inflatable mat.

There are also water stations and showers available in the main tent.

There will also likely be a water park at the campgrounds main tent that’s open for one week, Matherss added.

This is the second tent campground for the Colorado valley.

The first was located at the Colorado Lake City Resort.

There is a campground at The Junction in Lakewood, but it was closed for construction after a fire destroyed the facility in 2014.