The best family tent in Australia

A new tent from Tepui tent is the perfect family tent for a lot of different families.

Tepi tents are all about the simplicity, comfort and durability, and this tent has it all.

It’s a simple design with a single canopy, and it’s also one of the cheapest tents in the range.

Here are the key features: It’s lightweight The Tepuis are one of our favourite tents to pack for extended periods of time.

They can be easily carried around the house and on the road, but they’re also great for day trips and even just camping for a few hours at a time.

Teps can also be used for short trips, but it’s much lighter.

The Teps Tent can be tent-sized, which makes it a great option for the beginner to intermediate tent buyer.

The canopy can be folded down to make it a bit more compact for smaller people, or it can be tacked on.

You can also set up your Tepulis with a removable tent pole.

The poles have a built-in mesh that makes it easy to fold up and stuff your tent, and they can also fold up if you need a bit of extra space.

It has a fold-over top for sleeping, and a tent-style bottom for hanging out and for entertaining.

There’s a lot to like about the Tepilis, and the Teps tent is one of my favourites.

It weighs just over 15kg, but is still light enough to comfortably sleep through a full day in the tent.

It comes with a sleeping bag, a rain cover and a rain net.

The price tag of Tepits is a little steep, but you can get a bargain for your money.

Tephias Tent can sleep two people, but that’s still not too bad, and you can also get a twin bed or two.

The Tent can also sleep four people, so that’s a good option too.

There are also four mesh tents that are compatible with the tent, so you can make two or more tents.

It costs $3,990, which is an absolute steal.

If you’re looking for a budget option, the Tent can easily be bought for under $2,000.

TEPI Tent is a very versatile tent, but I think it’s really great for the more experienced tent buyer who wants something that can accommodate multiple people.

The tent has a lot going for it, and if you’re a beginner looking to build your own tent, it’s worth checking out.

Tiptuis Tent is available on for $3.99.

You’ll find it in our Best Budget Budget Budget guide.

The Best Budget Tent in Australia is part of the Best Budget Travel Guide 2018.