Tent to be made of ‘tree branches’ as kids’ play

The new tent from Ikea is tent shaped like tree branches.

The company says the tent has been created for kids who love to play in the rain, and to make them feel comfortable in the middle of the night.

The tent is made from 1,300 tree branches, with each one about 40 centimeters long, and made of a lightweight fiberboard material.

Ikea says the material is lightweight enough to be rolled up, and is soft enough to fit snugly around a child’s hips.

The brand says it is designed for kids of all ages, but is best suited for older kids, and for those who like to play with trees and play in nature.

Ikea tent makes it rain A child sits on a tree during a game of Toto in a tent designed for children.

The company says it plans to offer the tent for $399, or $200 more than other tents that have been made for children by others.

While some tents are made for toddlers, the Ikea tent is a child-friendly tent designed to help keep kids comfortable and safe during the summer season.