Dog tent, circus tent near me

A family of two dogs is sleeping outside their home in South Bend, Indiana, after a recent thunderstorm caused a huge tree to fall on their property.

The tree was at least six feet high and the family of three were sleeping inside, according to ABC affiliate WSBTV.

When the tree fell, they had to pull their dogs out of the tent because they were trapped underneath.

The family had to take shelter behind a neighbor’s fence.

“The tree that fell was about six feet tall,” Tammy Johnson told WSBtv.

“The trees are pretty big, so it’s hard to reach.

We were able to pull our dogs out, and we didn’t want to be alone in the house.”

The family said the trees had been there for several years.

“We thought that we were going to be able to save the trees because we were close to the lake and we have an RV park,” Tammy told WABE.

“But it wasn’t the best decision.”

She added that it would have been a much better decision to put their dogs in a smaller tent, where they could be sheltered from the rain.