How to make a camping tent rental and find your dream campsite in Tokyo

Rei tents are an affordable option for campers looking for a quiet, cosy location to sleep, and for those looking for the most peaceful location possible to rest and unwind.

But with so many options out there, finding your perfect rental is a challenge.

Luckily, there are many campsites in Tokyo with tent rentals to choose from, and these sites are often close to popular tourist spots.

To help you find the perfect tent rental for your campground, here are some of our favorite sites to book a tent rental in Tokyo. 


Sugo-Tents  Sugosu is one of the few Tokyo camping sites that has tents, and it’s perfect for those who want to spend the night in a place that’s free of noise and crowds.

The campground offers a wide selection of tents, from basic camping shelters to luxurious tents that are perfect for couples and families.

You can even choose between a tent for a single person, two people or three people if you’re in a small group. 


Kansai-Kanashi   KANSA-KANASHI is a popular campground with plenty of options for sleeping and exploring.

This campground has plenty of facilities for camping, including a restaurant, gym, library, outdoor swimming pool, and even a private clubhouse. 


Totem Village   TOTEM is a very popular and popular camping site in Tokyo for its low cost, high quality and cozy facilities.

The park is surrounded by trees and grassy areas with plenty to occupy your mind and body. 


Matsudai-Yama  MATSUDAI-YAMA is a beautiful campground near the Tokyo metropolitan area.

It’s a beautiful spot with many trees and bushes, a large outdoor pool, a good gym and swimming pool and a nice selection of tent rentals for the family and singles. 


Kyoto Campground Kyoto is another popular camp site with a large park and a large selection of campers.

Kyoto is one the most popular camping sites in Tokyo, and Kyoto Campground is one that many tourists flock to.

Kyoto Campgrounds has a great selection of camping tents, which you can rent online, or rent on site. 


Akashiyama-Kakutani  Akashikayama-Kyoto campground is a good choice for those traveling from the East Coast of the United States or from Europe to the Japan-based East Coast.

The Akashiyamana campground also has a variety of camping options including tents and RV trailers. 


Chuo Campground Chunichi-Chuo campground in Kyoto has a large and diverse selection of sleeping sites for you to choose a campground for.

The site has a range of tents ranging from simple shelters to tent shelters and even an RV that has an RV trailer for rent. 


Hatsunami Campground