3 room tent with 2 beds (5 x 2,4×4,8×8)

The American Conservatives 3 room backpacking, camping, and backpacking trailer.

It has two bed configurations, the single-bed configuration with a 2.5″ sleeping bag and a queen size pillow, and a 4 person couch configuration with two double beds and a Queen size pillow.

I bought mine from Amazon.com in January for $199.99 and it arrived in August.

I had it installed in October and I am now using it every day.

The tent has a great design, it has a lot of storage space, and it is made from a very sturdy material.

It is rated for 10 days of continuous use, and its rated to stay dry up to 6 degrees.

I have seen some people complain about how the fabric was drying out when the temperature dropped below freezing.

In terms of performance, I really like it.

I found it to be a great all-around backpacking or camping tent that stays dry and is strong.

I am also very happy with the design of the tent, especially since it is only 3 people.

My only gripe is that the back panel is not flush with the front, so you have to get in and out of it, which is not something I can complain about.

I could see it being a bit more comfortable with a bit of padding on the back and some more back support, but I do think the weight of the back is a major concern.

If you are looking for a compact tent that is not a bad performer for just a few days, this is not it.

Pros:Cons:Price:Price range:Recommendations:I had my first 3-person tent installed in July 2018 and have had it for just over two months.

It is my second 3-room tent installed, and I have been using it for two months with no issues.

This tent is not very good for the price point, but if you are in a pinch, this tent will do.