How to find your perfect camping tent

Here’s a look at some of the best camping tents available in Kerala.

The Kerala campgrounds are usually crowded with tourists and locals, and this makes finding a suitable camping tent very challenging.

There are several options to choose from and some of them are really quite good.

These tents are all available on the market.

We’ve listed the top tents for sale in Kerala, along with their prices and reviews.

Theres no right or wrong answer here, it’s just your personal preferences.

It is always a good idea to check the reviews before making any decision, especially if you plan to stay in Kerala for a long time.

For a good camping tent, you should go for a good one.

A good camping bed is essential for a safe and comfortable stay in the campground.

The good news is that all these tents offer good value.

Most camping tents have low-maintenance, low-cost options, while others offer more expensive options.

You can also find more camping gear like hammocks, tarpaulins, and blankets in Kerala at this link.

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Here are the best campsites in Kerala that offer cheap camping:Tarpaulin, campground for sleeping or resting.

The tent can be easily rented for around Rs. 100 per night.

It has a wide sleeping space and a large balcony, which can be shared with guests.

The campground is located near the Bhopal Railway Station.

Tarpanera, camping tent.

The campsite has an open area and a balcony for guests to sleep.

The camping bed has a large sleeping area and can be set up in a separate room.

There is also a tent tent for families.

The campground also has an entrance area.

Tepui, tent tent.

Tepui has a camping tent and a double-bed.

It also has a balcony with a roof and can accommodate up to six people.

It’s an excellent campground that offers a wide area with a balcony and sleeping area.

It costs Rs. 20 per night and offers a very spacious space.

Tarpui has an entry area that can be used for a family of four.

The camping area is located close to the Bumba Nagar in Ernakulam.

The Tepuis is a well-known campground and the best tent for camping.

It offers a spacious camping area with lots of room for people.

The sleeping area is divided into three sections: sleeping area, double bed, and double tent.

The campsite is located in the village of Naddi.

It can be rented for about Rs. 2,500 per night for a one-bedroom and Rs. 6,500 for a two-bedroom.

It features a wide open space with a large camping area, which has a double bed and a sleeping area that is divided in three sections.

The bed is equipped with a double mattress, a fold-down chair and an open space that can accommodate two adults.

The area has a roof to keep it cool and also has water taps and electricity.

Tempting option is the camping bed can be converted into a double tent for guests, but it has to be cleaned and sanitised before it can be turned into a tent.

Read our tips for finding a good campsite in Kerala and how best to choose a camping site:Camping site for one night.

The tents are available for a single night.

The tent has a big sleeping area with an open sleeping area in between.

The tents are also available for two nights.

The one-night camping costs Rs 10,000.

The two-night option costs Rs 20,000, and the option is available in both winter and summer months.

The Kottayam National Park, Kerala.

The Kottalampallai National Park has a huge camping area.

There’s also a large tent area.

The outdoor area is also popular with backpackers.

The site is close to Bumbas Nagar.

Teepee tent, camping area for a guest.

The small tent has space for four people.

The Campsite is located on the outskirts of Ernakula.

It houses a small tent, a kitchenette and two bathrooms.

The ground floor has a communal toilet, which offers hot water and hot running water.

The upper level is open for use.

The main tent has no sleeping space, but is good for a small family.

The site has two bedrooms.

The guest tent is located at the end of the tent area and has a private toilet.

There, guests can wash and change clothes, as well as feed their pets.

The lower level has a toilet, a fire place and a sink.

The Tent area is the most popular site for campers.

It includes a sleeping space with an outdoor area and bathroom.

The room has a